This loneliness drives me Insane

You think your lonely. . . .Try looking around I bet someone around for you. . . . . but there no one around for me

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Going into this brawl tournament with 0 practice. Toon link will carry me #d3 #rutgersrap #smash #brawl #goingtogetbodied

Going into this brawl tournament with 0 practice. Toon link will carry me #d3 #rutgersrap #smash #brawl #goingtogetbodied

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If I see dan, I will be convicted of murder or assault for getting fired over a BUllshit reason

If I get a car, I will drive on the highway and leave my foot on the acceleration and never let off.

If I walk over a bridge, I will look into the water and just jump no matter how high the fall.

If I drink at a party, I will drink nothing but salt water and alcohol and tie a belt around my neck.

If I drink in my apartment, I will binge drink with sleeping pills and motion sickness pills.

There nothing else for me everyone gone or ignoring me, I grew up thinking everyone needs someone a family or friends. But I grew up with false beliefs that I could have one or the other. So when I’m imprisoned or dead, just remember this is what happened to someone with no one.

I want us to make each other better.

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I make the best trades with life I gain nothing but losing something in return … . .

This is why I can’t communicate with people properly I’d probably lose people faster if I said what I wanted, barely anyone left to lose now anyways… .

Don’t ever try to judge me dude


you don’t know what the fuck I been through

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Just be fucking honest about how you feel about people while you’re alive.

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All I asked for honestly, can’t handle broken promises and fake relationships anymore

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10 cup carrying games like my uncle taught me #beer #pong #houseparty #drink @lestersp

10 cup carrying games like my uncle taught me #beer #pong #houseparty #drink @lestersp

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I was right again… I hate being right because when I am I’m pretty much wrong… All the little things I ask for are clearly too much for anyone to handle.

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Just me out here, I can throw forehand, backhand, and hammer now. Also I can throw half to 3/4 the field. #practice #results #ultimate #frisbee #depressed #alone

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